5 Herbal Remedies For Dry Nose

Well, as with every fall when the air cools down and begins to dry out, so does my nose.  Almost as bad as chapped lips, dried out nasal passages are painful.  It gets so bad sometimes, I just dread having to blow my nose.  While many people turn for a little tub of petroleum jelly, I … Continue reading 5 Herbal Remedies For Dry Nose

Herbal Chicken Soup

After a cold day, you need a filling soup to warm you up.  This is a super easy soup and it takes less than an hour to make.  It can simmer while you're busy doing other things.  Chicken soup is just the thing when you feel a cold coming on.   Ingredients 4 chicken thighs, or … Continue reading Herbal Chicken Soup

Herb Consultation

Herb consultations for health and wellness are available by herbalist Lisa Ray. If you are looking for ways to empower yourself in your healing journey and overall wellness, an herb consultation may be just the thing to help you on your way. The consultation is designed to offer you a variety of tools and a … Continue reading Herb Consultation